Welcome To Empowered-Hearts Consulting

Let’s move past shame to empowerment.  In our personal lives, in our workspaces, and in our communities!

These are interesting times, with social changes constantly providing us with opportunities to grow as individuals and to develop policies in our spaces to support growth, learning, compassion and potential.  Navigating these changes can be exciting, but also overwhelming.

As a Sex Coach I am here to help you meet your own goals, within a sex positive framework.  I view human diversity as beautiful, and I uphold the right for adults to engage in consensual intimacy in ways that are meaningful to them and reflect their own values and needs.

I have extensive experience working with neurodiverse clients (check out the Neurodiverse Supports Page), as well as folks who are LGBTQIA2S++, practice ethical non-monogamy and other ”alternative” lifestyles.

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