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Sex Education in Alberta

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Sex Ed in Alberta is hit or miss, and often depends on the will of the administration of each school to bring in guest speakers, provide content, and move beyond the basic “How Babies Are Made” and “Don’t have sex”  lessons found in ”CLM”.

According to Edmonton Public Schools  sex education is taught as per a specific curriculum. Yet teachers and students alike have complained that the resources are scarce, a large portion of the curriculum is skipped, and often it falls to teachers to become experts in sexual health as no one is specifically trained to offer sex ed in schools.

And folks, that is a darn shame.

We live in a time where there ARE folks trained to offer comprehensive sex education.  Organizations such as have trained educators and even videos that teachers can play for their class.

Our youth deserve better than a rushed, embarassed lecture on STi’s.  They deserve space to ask questions, to learn how their own bodies work, to understand the link between sexual health and barriers and contraceptives, the nuances of healthy realtionships (including consent, self-advocacy, boundaries, pleasure and problem solving.


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