As a consultant I specialize in anti-oppression in the workplace.  As a society we have seen that more and more folks are questioning the systems and culture that continue to oppress marginalized communities.  Businesses and organizations that are trying to ensure that their workplace culture supports these human rights movements have increasingly been reaching out for workshops for management teams and employees, to ensure that they have the tools they need support this type of social growth and to uplift marginalized populations from within an anti-oppressive framework.   For this reason I have worked with organizations such as ASPECC.CA to develop and implement the following training opportunities:

  • Supporting LGBTQIA2S+ Employees/Coworkers
  • Creating a Safe Space
  • Creating a Culture of Consent and Respect at Work
  • Is it Sexual Harassment? The Anti-Misogynistic Checklist
  • Anti-Oppressive Policies for Businesses
  • Kink Aware Professionals
  • Creating Space for Diverse Clients
  • Workplace anti-oppression audit

Additionally, I have worked the team at to help develop a workshop for professionals that addresses bias towards consensual sex workers in order to address the stigma that these professionals face when seeking services.

I also provide topical presentations that encourage critical thinking and challenge biases regarding diversity to help create a workplace culture of anti-oppression.   Presentations and bookings typically requie 2 or more weeks of notice.  Please email me directly if your organization has an urgent need.  As mentioned, I work with both Alberta Sex Positive Education and Community Centre (, and Advocating for Normalizing Sex Work through Education and Resource Supports (, both are nonprofit organizations located in Edmonton.  I am one of the Sex Educators of ASPECC, and on the Board of Directors for ANSWERS.


A percentage of all proceeds from the above presentations and workshops go to these nonprofits as part of my commitment to supporting social change that is human rights focused.  Please consider donating directly to as well