Kink Coaching

As a certified sex coach and unapologetic lifesyle kinkster, I am honoured to be able to offer Consensual Kink Coaching to adults who are interested in exploring this lifestyle.  Every session is taylored to the needs you bring with you.  There is no single way to do kink ”correctly”.  Instead these sessions are directed by you, and subject to your values, your needs, your life experiences.  My role is to help provide you the tools and work with you to implement those tools in ways that add to your experience and honour your own values.

Consensual Kink Coaching is offered only to adults (individuals, couples or throuples etc) who are interested in learning the ins and outs of exploring kink from an ethical, consensual, risk aware persepctive.  As your coach it is my pleasure to provide you opportunities to learn the consensual framewoks for everything kinky, from negotiating a scene to navigating aftercare.  Folks who are new and/or curious often book the following type of sessions:

Exploring Consensual Kink for Beginners:  This is an hour of exploring what kink means to you, the language and consensual frame work that has been applied to setting up kink scenes, boundary setting and basic ”power exchange” principals

Consent In Kink:  This is an hour of exploring how to develop and maintain a consensual framework in your own practices and playtime.  We explore together, in depth, what boundaries you might have, how to express your interests, boundaries and desires, and how to navigate the incredible brain endorphins and still keep things consensual throughout.

Ethical Power Exchanges:  This is an hour of exploring your own frame work for power exchange relationships.  We will explore communication style, address problem areas that concern you, and work on tools to support your dynamic in ways that are authentic to you.

For folks looking to learn a new skill I am able to provide beginner to intermediate skill building in a variety of activities, including rope bondage, erotic spanking, Endorphine Waves (for longer subspace), flogging, violet wand, cupping and E-Stim.

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