Life Coaching

I am a certified sex coach, which means that as a life coach I have specialized training in gender, sexuality and sexual health. Coaching is NOT therapy, and cannot be used to diagnose nor treat mental health illness or disorders, including trauma.

As a life coach I have the great privilege of working with singles, couples or throuples/polypods who are striving to empower themselves in their relationships and in their personal lives.

I am a sex positive individual that views diversity in relationships and sexuality as a healthy, natural part of humanity.  As a queer person I am gender literate (transwomen are women, transmen are men, nonbinary folks do not owe us androgyny, intersex folks do not owe us binary gender performance).  As a white person I am unlearning colonial teachings and continuously work on building my cultural competency.

Curious about what a life coach does?  Check out this powerpoint!



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