Neurodiversity Support

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Neurodiversity is amazing and challenging

I can help!  I am neurodiverse myself, with two out of three of my adult children being neurodiverse as well.  When ABA was becoming a thing, I dug in my heels and built a social mentoring program to support EMPOWERMENT rather than conformity.  I am a firm supporter of diversity, and I understand the need to be authentic and balance that need with the need for social support.

How I can SUPPORT You:

  1. Self-advocacy: I have years of experience advocating for myself and for marginalized populations.  I can help you develop your advocacy skills and find resources for your activism.
  2. Finding Intimacy on the Spectrum: I developed a fun program, Social Skills for Sex and Intimacy, which moves well beyond the typical social skills training to support the development of close relationships, be those friends, friends with benefits, lovers or romantic partners.
  3. Decoding the NT World: There are times when to be safe or navigate the world without constant barriers, we need to understand how the NT folks think.  I can help you decode body language, social behaviors, and workplace behaviours so that you can when you choose, navigate more easily.
  4. Gender and Sexual Identity: Many of us (neurodiverse people) find that we do not fit into the binary gender boxes of “boy” or “girl”, or that we do not experience the same heteronormative sex drives as other folks.  Some of us are asexual, and some of us prefer sexual relationships to romantic ones.  I can help you to understand your gender and sexuality, to find support and resources, and to support you when/if you choose to come out to others.
  5. Allyship and Social Justice: If you are trying to understand racism, bigotry, misogyny, etc, I have workshops and presentations galore for you to explore!  I also do one-on-one coaching to develop self-awareness and detangle some of the complex (and tangled) ideas that society has about diversity.
  6. Employable and Datable: We all are worthy, valuable, and deserving of respect and love.  I can help you to build your presentation of self, your interactions with others, and your expression of thoughts and emotions.  These are important factors that support your success in the workplace and in building your intimate relationships.

I am a sex-positive individual who views diversity in relationships and sexuality as a healthy, natural part of humanity.  As a queer person I am gender literate (transwomen are women, transmen are men, nonbinary folks do not owe us androgyny, intersex folks do not owe us binary gender performance).  As a white person, I am unlearning colonial teachings and continuously working on building my cultural competency.

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