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Sex Educator & Program Administrator, Alberta Sex Positive Education and Community Centre (ASPECC)

Sex Positive Consultant & Sex Coach, Empowered-Hearts

Director & Educator, ANSWER Society

Bio: Angel Sumka (they/she) is a human rights activist, professional speaker and sex positive educator with a passion for fostering a culture of consent and respect. As a white, able-bodied, fat, neurodiverse, queer/femme, pan-romantic demi-sexual, non-monogamist alternative lifestyler, Angel brings a unique awareness of the intersection between privilege and marginalization to their workshops, presentations and activism.  

Angel was one of the original founders of ASPECC, an Edmonton based nonprofit organization that promotes sex positive values as part of their mission to decrease gender and sexual based violence. Angel served as the president of this organization for four years, and continues to serve as their program administrator and sex educator. ASPECC has been honoured to receive funding from the Alberta Government, the Edmonton Arts Heritage Foundation and corporate sponsorship including ATB Financial and Canwest. ASPECC has a membership base of over 1000 nonvoting members and over 3 dozen voting members. Since the pandemic and moving all workshops online, attendance has increased to include folks from over 12 countries. To learn more about this pioneering organization please see

As part of ASPECC’s team, Angel has engaged the community in developing sex positivity through outreach programs, including speaking at local universities and colleges about sex positive topics such as consent, sexual health, ethical non-monogamy, and BDSM/Kink. Angel provides ongoing sex positive learning opportunities through ASPECC, ANSWER Society, ASPSH and Macewan University and several Gay Straight Alliance clubs (LGBTQIA2S++ youth) on a regular basis, and was honoured to develop content for the University of Alberta and ASPSH post graduate certification in Sexual Health.

Angel also serves as a founding director for ANSWER Society, a nonprofit society that Advocates for the Normalization of Sex Work through Education and Resources. This organization was founded by folks who are or have engaged in sex work themselves, to ensure that it is focused on support and not conflating sex work with trafficking. ANSWERS was funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation to provide services to sex workers and to engage in erasing barriers for service by training professionals on how to better support sex workers. This work and the support for it was timely, as due to the ongoing pandemic many sex workers found themselves without supports or income. To learn more about this amazing society please see

Angel is a highly sought after presenter, with engagements through Lupercalia, West Coast Bound, Nait, Macewan University, ASPSH Bi-annual Western Sexual Health Conference, Edmonton Men’s Health Collective, Calgary QAS, as well as for dozens of local organizations and corporations for employee learning development. They also developed several dozen workshops to address gaps in sexual education in their community, including Sex Literacy for Adults, Seniors Sex Ed, Gender for Parents, Social Skills for Sex and Intimacy, Kink Aware Professionals, Sex Positive Professionals, Negotiating for Consensual Sex and/or Kink, and an entire series of workshops for youth on the autism spectrum/ attention deficit spectrum. Presentation evaluations note that Angel’s talks are engaging and filled with a mix of personal insight and knowledge regarding current research on related topics. Critiques are that Angel consistently incorporates social justice perspectives throughout workshops they offer, which at times can alienate persons with little to no experience with oppression.

The Always Required Documentation of Collected Expensive Paperwork:

Masters of Counselling Psychology (Yorkville University) May 2020-current

  • Average 96%
  • To date has engaged is 4 separate letter writing and phone call campaigns to remove content from the course that included the pathologization of LGBTQIA2S++ persons.


Certification of First Responder to Sexual Assault (Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Services, 2019)

  • 2 Day Intensive

Sex Coach Certification (Loveology University, 2018)

  • Average 99%
  • Completed the 18 month workload in 3 months
  • Requested the professor update the content to reflect the experiences of the LGBTQIA2S++ community, as well as the social changes regarding gender roles.

Bachelors of Psychology (Thompson Rivers University) 2013-2018

  • Average 94%
  • Certificate of Social Sciences
  • Certificate of Criminology
  • Diploma Criminology
  • Finning Achievement Award
  • Several other scholarship awards, FOIP me for a list
  • For the Final Project conducted a study of the local kink community to collect data regarding sexual assault and view of reporting. Used this data to create the Kink Aware Professionals workshop.
  • Focus on sexuality and diversity

Autism Behaviour Intervention Training

  • Angel holds over 30 certificates of learning and achievement from various autism based learning opportunities.
  • Proposed a summer program to Shell Canada for Autistic Youth and received and used funding to provide 13 youth with practical life skills by way of role-play in group and then actual practice of that skill in the community. Youth participants opened a bank account, learned how to get a social insurance number and then did so, met and toured the local RCMP and learned how to interact with police so as not to be harmed, met and toured several businesses to learn what is expected in various job performances.
  • Self-employed as a Social Learning Mentor with over 20 clients


High School:

Angel never graduated high school and has not bothered to apply for the dogwood.

As if this was not enough to do, Angel also:

  • Produces and hosts a podcast Sex Talk, (Sex Positive Talk on I-tunes) that is hosted live on internet radio station and then shared online through various podcast platforms. Sex Talk is celebrating its 3rd year and is sponsored by various stakeholders. This show focuses on providing a platform for folks who are marginalized due to their gender and / or sexuality, and continues to provide much needed, shame free discussions on sex and sexuality.
  • Manufactures (in their basement) and sells to retailers, low temperature candles for sensual body exploration, as seen at Taboo!
  • Runs a Consulting and Sex Coaching business with dozens of clients and teaching engagements
  • Sews, crochets, and wood works products for sale at Shameless Crafts (facebook)

Professional Memberships

As of 2020 Angel holds the following memberships:

  • Certified Sex Educator (American College of Sexologists)
  • Professional Membership (National Coalition of Sexual Freedom)
  • Student Membership (Canadian Psychological Association


Personal Note from Angel:

First, am I the only person disturbed that as a mental health professional in training I am required to write a bio in third person? Secondly, yes I am a busy person! I am very passionate about serving my community and continuing to learn and develop as a compassionate being. That said, I am still just a flawed human being like everyone else. Please do not hesitate to reach out, I love hearing folks and am always looking to expand my sex positive learning and advocacy network.

About Education: I value lived experience over educational certifications as I am very aware of how classist our adult education system has become. Folks often lack the privilege of birth needed to access formal education and are discounted in society. This is an ongoing oppression of valuable lived experiences that have much to offer to the betterment of our society. Additionally, as someone with dyslexia I recognize how our one size fits all formal education system has failed folks who are neurodiverse and/or learning disabled.

About ASPECC: ASPECC was my brain child, born out of a need to raise the bar

when it comes to consent, sexuality and gender, after experience sexual harassment and assault in the established kink community, by a known to the community abuser with a lot of status in that circle. If you have experienced assault, please know that I BELIEVE YOU! It is not your fault, and if I can do anything to support you I AM HERE.

About Social Justice I am very aware that as a white colonizer (striving to unlearn colonial teachings) I have a lot of privilege. I present as cisgender, and as heterosexual. I have a safe home to live in and many folks who have supported me and provided me with the resilience I needed to be the person I am today. I am proud of my acheivements and I am very satisfied in the work that I have done and continue to do to support positive change in my community. This work is very meaningful although the pay is terrible. Much of the work I do is unpaid labour, which I have observed to be an ongoing theme in activism. This is just one example of how our current system does not readily support efforts to change it. This type of statement is one example of how my awareness of oppression in society will come up in my presentations. All things humans created impact human existence-I cannot engage in honest discussions about marginalized populations without acknowledging the interconnectedness of these systems and oppression.

I raised three children and have three grandchildren, was married twice with no success in living a straight, cisgender life. My own experiences have guided my learning, although I am actively working on understanding my own privilege and how to continue developing my own ally-ship to marginalized communities. I have made a LOT of mistakes along the way and done my best to grow from those experiences. It’s A Lifelong Journey!

Favourite saying: What the actual fuck.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to email me at