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Janet Mekare

Thank you, Angel, for taking the time to come and share your passion and thoughts with my office!  The staff were thrilled with your presentation, and we are excited to begin implementing changes here to ensure we are actively participating in anti-oppressive practices.

For those considering these workshops, I urge you to follow through.  Angel was engaging, thourough and compassionate.  They provided us with extensive options to increase our ability to serve a broader community, resources for further information, access to online training tools an a sense of humour that fostered participation of those who attended.  We can’t wait to book the next workshop!

J. M



Thank you for all your hard work.
Hope your new year is off to a great start.

I have attended the social skills for intimacy workshop a few times now.
The information is really helpful. These workshops have helped me a lot.

The most effective workshop so far has been the “How to Flirt” one.
Would you please turn this into a weekly, or once every 2 weeks workshop?

I learned so much. It was awesome to practice social skills in a safe environment. Especially the nuanced social skill of flirting.
For myself, and often times for others, we missed out on being social during adolescence.

So to go back as an adult and practice these skills is highly essential.
Particularly flirting, which can be even more out of reach than just basic socializing.

I got the feeling from the other participants in these workshops, that they also had missed out on growing their social skills earlier in life. And that they really benefited from being able to practice flirting in a safe space.

So, please consider making “How to Flirt” a regular workshop. I believe that many people would highly benefit.

Angel, the instructor (perhaps also the reader of this message), also appeared to have fun leading us through the exercises as well. So I believe she would enjoy leading this workshop too.

Often times, consent based discussions lead themselves into darker conversations, such as talking about assault, and various aggressions.
These are important conversations to have, and very necessary for people’s growth and education.

But the “How to Flirt” workshop has a positive and playful tone to it. Which contrasts some other subjects of discussion.
It’s a positive training workshop, training people for the real world of intimacy, socializing and flirting. It positively pushes people past their comfort zones, and confront their true fears.

Sometimes in a safe space, people can get too comfortable, and just stay as they are, without changing.
It is sometimes forgotten, that a safe space is a place where one can push past their boundaries safely, and train, and grow into being a stronger person.
Almost like going to a gym.

Each round of simulated flirting like a set of bicep curls, or squats in the gym. The training is difficult, but very valuable and rewarding.

I believe through ASPECC’s coaching and leadership, this workshop as a regular series would be an effective way to really help people grow.


All the best,

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