I currently offer the following workshops.  These can be tailored to fit specific demographics and group needs.

  • Social Skills for Sex and Intimacy
  • Consent in Sexual Empowerment
  • BDSM and Kink for Newbies
  • Ethical Non-monogamy Primer
  • Negotiating for Sex, Kink and Play
  • Beyond Me Too: Creating a Culture of Consent
  • Rope Bondage Artistry for Beginners
  • Ethical Power Exchanges
  • Sexual Diversity 101
  • Introduction to Gender: More than Two
  • Stock Market Orgasms
  • History of Kissing
  • History of Sexual Assault Law in Canada
  • History of Sex Work and The Law in Canada
  • Find Your Inner Dominatrix
  • Sex Positivity after Abuse
  • Me, You, Us, Boundaries and Trust


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