Business How-to: Becoming LGBTQIA2S+ Friendly

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Have you been at a loss as to how to reach out to your local rainbow (queer) community to provide services or products? I have noted that in the last few years many businesses place a rainbow sticker up, in hopes that people from these marginalized commumities will feel welcome-but a pride sticker or flag is not enough for many folks to venture into your business.

People who consitantly face hatred and discrimination need more than a pretty words to feel welcome.  They need to know that the place they are entering understands how to be affirming and supportive, how to be an ally.  

If you are ready to open your services to a broader audience, reach out!  We have a training program for your staff, as well as an audit process where we can provide you with concrete actions you can take to build allyship into your workplace!

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